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Wähle einen Beruf, den du liebst, und du brauchst niemals in deinem Leben zu arbeiten.



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Arouza Ultimate Does she answer you shortly and sharply? Sighs heavily, unloading the dishes from the dishwasher? Unusually quiet and detached? Your time has come to act. Your help should not be limited to housework. The young ladies we interviewed gave a bunch of tips: make a foam bath, bring your favorite dessert, or just ask how the day went and let her talk. One of the ladies we interviewed said that during all eight years of her marriage, every time she took a shower, her husband threw all his affairs in order to rub her back. Such rituals, no matter how stupid they may seem, lay a solid foundation for family relationships. “Spouses can quarrel and quarrel, but these rituals give them the opportunity to make peace. It's like a stopwatch reset, ”says Tom Murray, a family and marriage therapist. Take on Arms Your wife may not need a back massage during a shower, but she needs her cup of coffee every morning. Or a glass of your favorite wine in the evening. Even a simple hug before going to work can be a similar ritual. Solving problems can be surprisingly romantic. Many of the women we interviewed with emotion recalled cases when their husbands did something simple that made their life easier. Particularly vivid memories remain when help is unexpected. One of the peasants, for example, noticed his wife's annoyance at a long computer load, bought and installed additional memory cards. And do not forget that reducing stress has a positive effect on sexual desire. Take on arms We bet that your wife is also annoying something, and only you can notice it. Maybe her cellphone is dying, or she has no way to pick up things from the dry-cleaner, or she is pissed off by the tightly opening door. Think about how you could help her. Remove her annoying factor - and you will be a hero.

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